Advanced Irons Class

Course Overview

The Advanced Irons & Saw Class expands on the techniques from the Basic Irons Class and adds many new challenges and tools. The class begins with a hands on review of basic conventional inward and outward opening door techniques, followed by a comprehensive forcible entry saw overview to include safe starting & handling techniques, daily / weekly checks, blades, blade changes, inboard vs outboard mounting & trouble shooting techniques.
This will bring us to our advanced skills stations covering both residential & commercial forcible entry challenges that involve Irons & saw work.
This class in addition to the Basic Irons Class is designed to provide a solid base for most fireground forcible entry challenges. The class will conclude with all students participating in timed team evolutions, with the winning team members each receiving a mini halligan bottle opener.

Advanced skills topics

Dead-end or confined hallways/bottom of stairway: Learn to work as a team in confined entryways.
No visibility: Putting conventional Irons skills together in a limited to no visibility environment with diminished communications due to wearing a mask.
Residential garage / overhead doors: Students will learn multiple methods to cut and secure residential & commercial doors.
Open Grate style roll downs: Students will learn how to defeat these specialized gates with TTL techniques & cutting techniques.
OVM / Outward opening door work: methods for additional leverage and use of limited tools.
Window bar removal: Learn how to quickly cut & clear a window bar system from both ground level and off ladders.
Roll down gates: Students will learn efficient techniques to create the largest openings in the shortest period of time, how to pull slats & defeat the common locking mechanisms with these gates.
Pad locks and hockey puck locks: Learn to identify locks that can be easily pried from those that must be cut, and how to use a saw to cut difficult locks & chain in awkward positions.
ā€œAā€ side glass doors: Learn how to Gap & Cut one of the most common commercial entry doors with a saw.
ā€œCā€ side outward opening doors & drop bars: Learn to cut shield guards, dead bolts, carriage bolts, and hinges followed by conventional Irons work to get thru these doors when seconds count.


10 Hours