Basic Irons Class

Course Overview

This is our bread & butter class! A lot can be accomplished on the fireground with only hand tools.
This course is designed to help you develop the skills and good habits necessary to master the craft of forcible entry with some of our most traditional, tried and true tools of the trade. When lives are on the line and seconds count are you confident in your ability to use these tools proficiently? Is it bevel to door or bevel to jamb? Are there multiple locks? Is your partner stretching the line and you’re at the door by yourself? You’re RIT on the “C” side of a commercial building doing your 360 when a “MAY DAY” comes in for members trapped in the rear, is there a drop bar? Your saw is in the front, now what? Remember sometimes seconds due count, gain the confidence to overcome these situations on the fire ground by taking this hands on 9 hour course using only the irons and conventional tools.
Our Classes are taught by experienced FF’s using the best props available that closely mimic many real world forcible entry challenges. We also use displays and laminated pictures of actual challenges that will help lead discussions that will be reinforced with plenty of hands on repetitions.
The course is presented in two sections, Residential in the morning and Commercial in the afternoon with a 30 minute lunch in between. The day will finish with timed team evolutions using multiple techniques in sequence to overcome real world forcible entry challenges, the winning team members will each receive a pair of modified channel locks.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to help Firefighters develop the skills and habits necessary to master the craft of conventional forcible entry using some of our most important tools of the trade.
Upon completion of this course Firefighters will be able to dress and set up their tools for success, perform a rapid size up to identify and defeat multiple forcible entry challenges, account for door control, effectively use commands to enhance communication, develop safe striking techniques, and perform the appropriate standardized techniques while working alone or as part of a team while maintaining a plan A, B and C for a given situation.
Firefighters will learn standardized, predictable communication and techniques that are necessary for a safe and successful operation.
To effectively mitigate a high stress, unpredictable event, we must be able to communicate to all rescue members our intent and predict each other’s actions based on standardized training and techniques.

Topics and Skills

Locked cyclone gates
Forcing & Breaking Pad locks
Security screen doors
2 FF inward opening door
1 FF inward opening door Wood jamb / Baseball bat swing
Window bars- (prying)
Commercial buildings
2 FF outward opening
1 FF outward opening
Defeat actual drop bar & carriage bolts (“C” side doors)
Thru the lock- mortise locks, panic hardware (“A” side glass doors)
Overcome skinning real metal doors with the Tunneling/Crush Techniques


10 Hours